Why Hot Off The Press ?

Why Hot Off the Press ?

I started crafting over six years ago, the first ever craft kit where something clicked and turned on my creativity was a Hot Off the Press (HOTP) one, I remember getting it from a shopping channel and the excitement when I received it.

Then I started watching the webisodes with Paulette Jarvey and Sara Naumann (who has now been 'replaced' by Ann Bernklau) since the beginning. I made sure I would completely learn about all the techniques and made a list of the craft supplies I needed. That list is ever growing and will never be complete... lol

Once I realised that HOTP website www.paperwishes.com  had a section called personal shopper I was totally intrigued, I knew at that time that it was something I had to have. Paulette had a pure genius moment once she realised that a fashion personal shopper assistant help could be applied to paper crafting and she started two personal shopper (there's more now to wow you): one for cardmakers and one for scrapbookers.

Although I subscribed straight away for the cardmaker's one, I discovered that a lady called Beverley, was actually importing them in the UK so I started getting them directly from her.

We both were so addicted to anything HOTP that I soon found myself helping her setting two websites for her: her craft shop and one site dedicated to all things hot off the press. Unfortunately after a little over a year she passed away just before Xmas and that really affected me. I promised her that I would carry on being dedicated to HOTP. In a way my constant sharing of all things crafty is to remember her with the endless enthusiasm she had for paper crafting.

At that time I also started to contact by email Paulette and Sara who were very supportive and inspired me to carry on with my 'quest'; it just happened they were starting a new forum for people addicted to their products like myself. I was overjoyed when I proposed to start helping within that forum for card swaps and other fun activities ( I remember Heather and Melanie helping me too ). It was an honour to help set it all up and now Miss Nancy, Sam, Penny are the latest HOTP ladies who are still running these swaps tweaking the formula to perfection. 

I also had the opportunity to meet Sara Naumann in person in London, it was amazing and I'm still so grateful that she took some time from her busy schedule for this meet up. Now Sara is happily living in the Netherlands but hasn't given up her love of paper so do check out her blog for more infos.

Although I have a few blogs by style of crafting, I decided to dedicate a blog only to paperwishes because they've been extremely generous with me and are also my sponsors for Papermood on Sunday (my weekly live webcast). 

So I hope all this explains my passion for all things HOTP and why I'm such a dedicated fan of Paulette's fabulous company where their employees are also crafters. I want to send a wave to Stan, Cristina, Malia, Huston, Debby, Susan, Ann, Lodell, Lenae...you're amazing, guys !

EDIT: It seems that the following information is no longer valid as Paperwishes.com have reverted back to their normal international shipping charges as per this page on their site.

Ordering HOTP if you live in the UK (no longer offered - keeping the info on this blog for historical archival reasons)

Now if you live in the USA and Canada you can order from their great website www.paperwishes.com  if you live in the UK, Paulette has organised something very cool. Now bear with me because it's something that works only if you intend to order £60 pounds or over.

Paperwishes has put a system in place where the VAT is added already to the price you pay when placing your order what it means to us living in the UK is that we avoid having to pay the VAT when the parcel arrives but also save up the Royal Mail fee (currently at £8) to do this job on behalf of HM Excise and Revenue. So you save 8 quid right off the bat, not only but the parcel is sent by courier so they take care of the customs side of things and  you know that it's trackable too. 

The best news is that when you place an order of sixty pounds or over you start to get a rebate on your order so that the postage & packing (Shipping) is never more than £6-7 and it goes down as you order more. When you consider that your parcels comes all the way from the States and that you can access all their lines (as some UK retailers don't stock all their range), I just want to shout it on top of the roof...get your friends together to order ! :)


  • pennyd said...

    Thanks for sharing, Fab. HOTP was my first on-line company as well - I found the webisodes first and have never left. I have 2 whole shelves in my craftroom of HOTP products - I find I reach for them first whatever the project.

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