Miss you Card using PaperFlair Feminine Kit and Diamond Folds 2

Saturday, 30 April 2011 3 Comments - POST YOUR COMMENT

Hello guys I'm just adding a card I made during a Live Webcast Show demonstrating three HOTP 4 templates:

Then I started to play with the Paper Flair Feminine kit to show my viewers how fun and easy it was to play with when I feel I don't have any inspiration so I demoed this card :

I created the card exactly as the project in the Paper Flair Feminine kit apart from using three metallic studs (Paperchase). I soon realised that one could make another card with what is supposed to be used inside the card (the one on top using the Diamond Folds).

So the card (First Image) was made using these :

So although those kits are amazing fun to use, and good value you can make them go even further using templates and other tools so you can potentially make double the cards ! Have Fun !


  • Crafty Patti said...

    That looks Super Fab. you are such a busy Guy these days, I wish i had more time to Watch your show. I get blocked at my work from alot of sites for security reasons. You do super work. Thanks for Sharing.

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