Birthday Greeting Card 'Under an Hour' - Come2Chat Quick Challenge

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 2 Comments - POST YOUR COMMENT

I had so much fun today making this card live during the Come2Chat (Facebook group click to join) live webcast show with Cynthia Gagen (check her giveaway out) from Creative Edventures fame.

We decided on a challenge (and people in the chatroom picked two cards) from the Claudine Hellmuth book 'The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit'. The cards that came out were a light brown colour and the word Field (I decided it meant autumnal fields hence the Maple leaves).

As Cynthia was doing her lovely collage of her dog picture on a canvas, I 'dropped' in with quick updates on how far I've gone making the card. It's obvious I always end up using HOTP Cardmaker's kits as they really inspire me. It's almost automatic with me.

Supplies :

Join me this coming Friday Marth 18th in the webcast/chatroom at noon (Eastern Time)/ 4pm (GMT UK Time - we're not BST yet ;) ) as I will show how to create paper cupcakes using one of the HOTP templates ! :) I'll be tracing, cutting and assembling the cupcake live ! Ohhhhhh the drama of it all ! LOL
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