Happiness Always Greeting Card - Cardmaker's Icy Rainbow Colours

Thursday, 17 February 2011 2 Comments - POST YOUR COMMENT

What can I happen when you leave HOTP Instant Art Creative Cardmaker's Pack around... Vince can't resist making some cards out of it !

After 10 minutes asking him questions to find out what he used to make the card if it was the original project or his own twist...well let's say it would be easier to push a square pegs in a round hole ! :)

Anyhoo Mr V has made three lovely cards and I'll be sharing them over the next two days !

Supplies :

I can't punish the innocent using other non HOTP supplies as he didn't know ! LOL Well done Mr V,  I really like this card.
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  • Enfys said...

    Hiya Fab, I haven't been over for the longest time - sorry, life got in the way - but I have had the greatest time browsing your blog(s). Question, which is your main blog? Hope you are well

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